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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 2, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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graffiti painted on the side of a local mosque. the surveillance video police hope leads them to the suspects. locating the wreckage of the missing cargo ship. the new details we're learning and reaction from a sailingor's mother. good morning to you. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. thanks for joining us on this monday, november 2nd. hope you had a great weekend, a >> enjoyed time with the kids. >> it was fun seeing the kids dressed up in costume. >> and fun seeing you in ethan's shark head. >> i thought it was a chicken. >> i had my niece's chicken costume, too. >> you had multiple costumes! i feel like animals were the theme this year. >> i saw a lot of sharks. >> all around. and the weather
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cooperated, too. we're talking about a nice stretch here. 55 in boston now. dew points in the upper 30s. the wind out of the west, 55 stepping out of the door, not too bad. the average high temperature this time of year is 56. so it's a mild start. we're in the 40s in a lot of suburbs. lower 50s in chatham. sunshine this morning with a time change this weekend. the sun will be filtered a bit. lunchtime, 62 degrees. it's really pleasant. a light northwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. upper 50s for the ride home. a few wispy clouds and the sun sets earlier, too, at 4:36. i will tell you how long the milder temperatures will stick around. good morning, robi. >> good morning and happy monday morning commute to the drivers about to hit the road. here's a live look at the expressway. heavy volume quincy to boston,
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but no major problems. quick check of the north map, lots of green is expected, 93 southbound is busy, but moving along. route 1 south looks smooth. route 3 south, 495 and 128, those are speed-limit drives. a star high school football player in the hospital. >> he was stabbed hours after scoring a winning touchdown. let's get right to susie steimle who is live in everett with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris. 16-year-old marvin fedna made headlines on saturday night. he scored the game-winning touchdown saturday night and went out with friends to celebrate. unfortunately, all of this was overshadowed by the fact that what he stabbed on his way home that night. according to the boston herald, he was walking home with some teammates and friends on broadway street around 12:30 in the morning when he heard someone screaming for help. he went over to see if there was anything he could do and was stabbed in the back and in
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the hand. what he taken to massachusetts general hospital and underwent surgery yesterday. we're told he's expected to fully recover. friends and family are waiting for that speedy recovery and hope that police make an arrest in the case. right now they have yet to do that. that night. that's the latest, live in this morning." >> thank you, susie. 5:03 now. the surveillance video will lead them to the vandals who painted graffiti on a mosque. this is not the first time the mosque has been targeted. >> nicole jacobs is live outside the mosque with a closer look at the damage perfect left. left -- damage left behind. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, criminal possession. you can see the damage on the side of the wall, but police believe three men wearing masks are responsible for it, happening about an hour after halloween. surveillance video shows them arriving.
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three vandals at the islamic center of burlington, walking back and forth from a car. the crime all captured. but sunday afternoon worship went on, despite the graffiti and eggs marking the building. >> my mother is coming, my daughter is coming and my wife is coming here and to see the people are making racial comments. >> reporter: the letters "usa" painted in the early-morning hours sunday, the same kind of graffiti ediscovered in 2013 over the center's sign. >> they weren't afraid of being caught in the cameras and stuff like this. there are concerns now. >> reporter: inside the mosque was this member. >> it's not safe to go outside. it's safe to stay inside. we stayed. >> reporter: no one was hurt and the investigation continues. the center's leader points to the first amendment, freedom of religion. >> somebody doesn't know what the usa is about. they don't know what our founding members have done for us. >> reporter: police are not
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related. the one from 2013 and the one from the weekend, but they do believe they will find who is responsible. anyone with information is urged to contact police. we're live in burlington, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, nicole. a somber scene in medway. there was a candlelight vigil for a high school senior killed in a car crash. maddie lambson lived here with her family. a three-sport athlete at medway high school, the 17-year-old died when the car she was driving hit a tree in franklin late friday night. her field hockey coach says maddie was special. >> one of the most remarkable women i have ever coached and my heart is broken that we've lost her so young and my team is devastated. >> counseling was provided at the high school saturday and sunday. franklin police and the da's
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office are investigating the cause of the crash. a funeral will be held on thursday. a massachusetts teenager killed in a crash near the campus of skidmore college in upstate new york. 19-year-old michael hedges of lennox died from his injuries yesterday morning at an albany hospital. he was one of three students hit by an alleged drunk driver while walking near campus. the other two victims are still in the hospital. a dog is at a hospital recovering from multiple stab wounds. the owner of the dog says he would occasionally get out, but would find his way home, back on essex street. this time, though, a neighbor knocked on the door, telling her someone had stabbed the dog. she found him on the street blything from several wounds. using special equipment to confirm that the wreckage found in the bermuda triangle is from the cargo ship. the navy is using a remote controlled vehicle to take a closer look at the wreckage.
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sonar indicates the ship is upright. it sank after sailing into a hurricane. investigators say the ship won't be recovered, but if human remains are found, they will attempt to recover them. the mother of a sailor from maine says finding the ship brings mixed emotions. >> it's a tug-of-war between my head and my heart. my head wants answers, but my heart kind of likes not having answers because i can file it very emotional. it felt like hearing it for the first time, it felt like losing michael all over again. . >> 33 crew members were killed. michael was one of 6 with ties to new england. a halloween scare in auburn turns out to be a hoax eighty girl claims she found a metallic object inside a chocolate bartha looked like a razor blade. auburn police cautioned parents to be extra careful when checking candy. after investigating, police determined the girl made the story up.
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>> i hope that the child's parents or the child gets disciplined, maybe gets help, you know? that's just wrong. . >> residents in the neighborhood say it was just another lesson that parents always need to be vigilant when it comes to trick-or-treating. a warning for parents from police in north ring. officers are urging parents to go through their kids' halloween candy to see if they got this package. police posted a picture of highlands cough syrup for kids on their facebook page. someone left sample packages outside their home on old farm lane. and in chicopee, a needle found in candy that was given out near granby street near east road. anyone who finds something dangerous in kids' halloween candy is urged to call police. the 1-2 again. it's in the corner. the royals!
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! >> a royal celebration. kansas city winning the world series in game 5. it took 12 innings to beat new york. >> the mets poor defense did them in. bree sison has the highlights. >> good morning, on this day twoors ago, we had duck boats parading down the street. it was our year. this year, kansas city is celebrating and they earned it. this is the longest game 1 in history for the first game, now, the 9th inning, tying it up there in the 9th. in the 12th, the royals blew it open. there were errors from the mets, as well. it was a pitching due yell duel. he gave up two hits in six innings. kansas city streets flooded with blue and white. the first world series win
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there since 1985, 30 years in the making. maybe it made up for last year's loss to san francisco in game much. 7. the celebrations happened in the locker room and the team owner thanked the players. >> the players told me in spring training that they were going to do it this year so we could all put last year behind us. guys, mission accomplished. >> mission accomplished, indeed. i'm sure it felt like deskny to the royals. they were just an inning away from being forced into a game #6 that would have happened at home. what a superhuman performance by the bull pen they limited the mets offense quite well there. the royals get the long-awaited parade through kansas city tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you, bree. 5:10. changing the debate. >> gop presidential candidates coming together to negotiate new rules for their next she willdown. and he inspired millions across the country with the ice
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bucket challenge. coming up, the new challenge. and good morning, everybody. temperatures coming in to the 60s again today. it looks beautiful. a couple of wispy clouds and warmer through the middle part of the week. i will have the details coming up. stay with us. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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welcome back. 5:13 now. the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge is raising money for another cause. >> hundreds ran yesterday in beverly in the inaugural race that raised money for a new park being built in pete's name. >> pete's father says it will be a lasting memory -- or memorial, rather, to his son. >> all the accolades pete ever got, the globies award, the french con, the sports illustrated awards, this will be a permanent structure for his lasting memory. that's what's so cool about it. >> the money raised at the event will benefit pete park. there will also be a playground for people of all abilitieses. >> it was a nice, mild day to run. >> all the local runners and the new york city marathon, they had great, mild weather for that. and it seems like it's going to
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that's good news this morning. >> waiting for the fall temperatures to return, they will be back into the mix. but we're talking about temperatures in the 40s and 50s now, out the door, not too bad. 55 in the city of boston. 47 worcester, prove dawns. 49 in nashua and lawrence. it gets cooler the farther north you go. the fall jackets, yes, at the bus stop. sunrise at 6:18. we will have the sunlight as you head to school with the time change this past weekend. you could get away with short sleeves today. go ahead. quite pleasant into the afternoon. we have high, thin, wispy clouds during the day today. to the south, there are areas of rain through virginia, north carolina, back down through the gulf coast states. this moisture is going to sail off to the south. we don't have to worry about that. high pressure is building in for us. so that's going to provide us with the dry stretch today,
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head into wednesday. so, mostly sunny skies for tuesday. same for wednesday, as well. temperatures each afternoon running in the middle to upper 60s. immediate coastline on wednesday with an onshore wind, water temperatures cooling off, just a few degrees cooler at the immediate coastline. boston. look at that. 63 in bedford. 64 in norwood. again, the filtered sunshine, upper 50s on the outer cape. the temperatures will be cooler than this morning, upper 30s in the metro west, 46 in boston and running in the 40s from the south shore to the cape. beautiful. 65 to 70 degrees. i think we'll fall just shy of 70 in a few communities, but running about 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of the year. accuweather seven-day forecast,
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mid-60s on wednesday, again, that onshore wind will keep us coolinger at the coastline. filtered sunshine on thursday, we get a couple of showers overnight on thursday into early friday and then warm up and around 70 degrees. there's going to be much colder air that comes back for sunday. 50 may be generous aand we may have the upper 40s. traffic and weather together. did you have a nice halloween, robi? >> it was quick. the weather was great. if anything, i was a little overdressed. >> i feel like for the kids, too. i heard some of them saying it's cold, really? like for halloween? 40s is not -- >> it's not -- >> i wear the reflector vest. everybody calls me school bus monitor, but it's all about safety so i don't care. pretty quiet out there, danielle. that's going to change in the next 15 minutes or so when the commute gets under way. let's look live now, the route 1 in saw gas. route 1 southbound looking good
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coming down, 93 southbound, only heavy really in the medford stretch. the rest of the routes coming from the north look decent. the expressway, heavy volume already quincy to boston. 24 north and 95 north look like speed limit rides right now. chris? >> thank you. 5:18 now. fire investigators in danvers are trying to find the cause of a fire that badly-damaged a condo complex there. it happened yesterday morning at the townhouse complex on williams street. flames shot through the roof of a unit on the end. everybody was able to get out safely. firefighters contained the flames to the unit where it started. and firefighters on the cape trying to figure out what started this raging boat fire yesterday morning on the 35- foot fishing boat named "good grief." neighbors reported hearing an explosion. the flames spread to another boat, destroying both elevationest. the ferry between maine
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the portland company says the ferry owes them $200,000. just yesterday, the government in nova scotia says it won't do business with them anymore. canadians criticize the ferry company saying it cost them millions of dollars more in tax money than anticipated. two new courts to help veterans stay out of jail open this week. the courts will help vets get help for mental health and substance abuse issues. two similar courts are already opened up in dedham and boston. open enrollment for the state's health insurance connector is under way. state officials are expecting a smooth rollout. two years ago, people had problems signing up for coverage because of web site glitches. most of those problems were fixed last year, but people still reported irks. enrollment is open until the end of january. 5:19 now. this morning, republican presidential candidates have set new rules for their
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debates. representatives for more than a dozen campaigns met behind closed doors last night. they agreed to mandatory opening and closing statements and an equal number of questions for each candidate. the changes come after many of the candidates complained about the moderateors of last week's debate on cnbc. and over to the democratic race, bernie sanders recessed his first tv ad yesterday which documents his journey to washington. >> he moved to vermont, won election and prayed as one of america's best men. in congress, he stood up for principle opposing the iraq war. >> the sanders campaign is spending 2 $2 million to air ad. sanders doesn't mention hillary clinton in the ad. it is 5:20 on your monday morning. >> straight ahead, the cs facing off against the spurs. three games into the season. and ahead at 5:30, honoring a fallen boston
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firefighter. how a foundation is hoping to improve the department's
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welcome back. 5:23 now. the cs face off against the spurs at the garden. >> and steve has highlights your in sports.
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>> good morning, everyone. say what you want about the celtics, but they fight until the end. they were at home yesterday, trying to improve to 2-1, but they were tested, but the spurs come to town. either team shot well, especially the celtics, in the first half. two of 189 points on the pull- up here. taking a lead into the halftime. battled back in the second half. marcus smart with a hustle play. had a dives and find jake for the second. with a big sweep from the corner. they lead 86-82. cs fall to 1-2 on the year. >> today was -- today we played a lot better than i thought we
5:23 am
we just couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. i think when we go back and look, i felt pretty comfortable about this. we were going to have to make jump shots to extend them because of their length. and we just never did. >> so that's a problem. when you can't put the ball in the ocean. but they'll bounce back. i'm steve burton, guys back to you. >> thank you. controversey continues to haunt the patriots. >> the coach deferred questions to the nfl about reports that the new york jets had their locker room swept for listening deviceesin foxborough. the nfl says it conducts random checks. patriots employees were questioned by the league, but the nfl wouldn't say if the jets requested the sweep. if you might recall, the jets reported the patriots to the league in the spy gate scandal. >> always something. 5:25. a high school football player in the hospital this morning. >> the latest in the investigation on what happened
5:24 am
and more fallout from a sexual assault at a new hampshire prep school. the new legal action the victim's family is considering. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, chris and good morning, everybody. we're talking about temperatures that come into the 60s again today with a blend of sun and clouds. warmer over the next couple of days. we will break it down
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developing now, a high school football player stabbed. graffiti painted on the side of a local mosque. the search to find those responsible. and the spirit of a fallen firefighter lives on through this is mother. why she says politicians need to do more for men and women in the line of fire. good morning. welcome back. hope you had a great weekend. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it's monday, november 2nd. doesn't feel like november, though. >> going to feel like the end of september, beginning of october for the next several
5:26 am
days. so it's going to be nice. topping out near 70 by the end of the week. so we're lucking out here in the weather department. >> yes. absolutely. currently, you guys, the temperature is 55 in boston. our average high temperature is 56. we're sitting where we normally should be in the afternoon. dew point in the upper 30s. the air is dry. west wind at 12 at logan airport now. 55 in boston. some of the suburbs are in the 40s. lawrence, nashua, worcester at 47. 43 in keane. and satellite and radar shows things are quiet with clouds overhead. looks worse than they are. these are high, thin, cirrus clouds. we may have a nice sunrise coming up at 6:18. remember as we turned the clocks back this weekend, the sunrise is an hour earlier. midday lunch, lots of sun, high, thin clouds, really
5:27 am
pleasant. a light northwest breeze. the evening commute will have clouds, as well, and quiet weather. temperatures in the upper 50s with the sunset at 4:36. we will take you through the next several days. first a look at traffic. >> danielle, it means i can't weasel out of raking this week, that whole forecast. darn you. starting to see the first slowdowns of the morning, north and south of the city. here's a look at 93 in summerville. charlestown into boston, moderate traffic. in the andover area, 93 southbound is heavy and slow. to the south, worst ride so far is 128 southbound in braintree. that's crawling between 37 and the split. that's usually the first problem spot that lasts through the morning commute, as well. 5:31 now. checking your top stories on this monday morning, a star football player for everett high school is recovering from a stabbing hours after his team
5:28 am
won. running back marvin fedna was stabbed in the back on frdz broadway on saturday night. the herald reports he was trying to help someone who was being attacked. he underwent surgery at mass general and is expected to survive. he scored the winning touchdown in the school's upset over st. john's prep. it's not believed that the stabbing had anything to do with the game. and burlington police hope this video leads them to the three men who vandalized a mosque. the incident happened early yesterday morning and the vandals were wearing halloween masks. three sides of the islamic center of burlington were spray painted with letters that spelled out usa. building. a new hampshire prep school may be sued after one of its students was found guilty of sexual assault. he will serve one year in jail and register as a sex offender. the new hampshire union leader reports that the victim's family is considering legal action against st. paul school.
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boarding school does nothing to stop the tradition of the senior salute, where graduating men have sex with younger female students. encourage statutory rape. scientists are trying to figure out how an endangered sea turtle died. it is the largest type of turtle and one of the largest reptiles in the world. 5:33 now. in a little over a year, a fallen boston firefighter raised more than half a million dollars to improve safety. >> now the last call foundation is setting big goals for the year ahead. bree has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when michael died alongside the lieutenant, fighting a fire in the back bay, his mother, kathy, vowed she would pick up the fight where he left off, helping others and making the
5:30 am
world a better place. but instead of joining one of the many causes that michael support aid, she wants to help the heroes she says are being taken for granted across the country. >> it was as if i felt some part of him coming back into me. it was so amazing. but i realized i did not want to remember my son that way. >> reporter: kathy describes her son's final farewell as a state funeral. but when asked what people can do to comfort her, she knew her something. >> i'm learning things about the fire service that most people don't know. >> reporter: she was shocked to use that the hose michael used burned through. she wanted something done about that and started raising money to fund research most city budgets could never afford. >> it could bring them literally into the flames and
5:31 am
giving them something to fight the flames that's just a little bit better than a garden hose. >> reporter: she and a team of volunteers launched the foundation six months after michael's death with a 75 $75,000 donation to worcester polytech nick institute. within a year, they gave 2 hundred $200,000 for special washing machines to pull cancer- gear. and the team of marathon runners helped fund an element 3 hundred $300,000 canteen truck for boston sparks. >> firefighters are exhausted. and if they're not hydrated and if they're not fed and they go back in too soon, you know, that causes first of all more injuries. it shouldn't happen. foundation is nowhere near done. they envision stepping into a lobbying role in the coming year, calling on lawmakers to step up funding for necessary safety equipment and rebuilding
5:32 am
>> if we want to keep the fire service together, because it's literally crumbling, these buildings are falling apart, we have to figure out a way to fund them. there needs able to -- needs to be a dedicated revenue source. >> reporter: tomorrow, they will celebrate a second successful year with tasteings from boston's best restaurants and awards for those who made a significant impact on the firefighting community. tickets are available and wbz is proud to be the media sponsor. back to you. >> thank you, bree. what a great story. very important issue there, too. coming up next, chipotle temporarily closing restaurants out west. >> because of health concerns behind the closures. we'll tell you how many locations are affected. and you can soon get the robo calls and texts on your cell phone. why they would only come from the government. chris, checking in with weather watchers this morning.
5:33 am
good morning to everybody. temperatures in the 40s and lower 50s right now. north of boston this morning, jennifer says 42 degrees with partly cloudy skies. some of the thin clouds out there. she says looking forward to the fantastic weather ahead for us this week. you and me both, jennifer. we have 60s in the seven-day forecast.
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welcome back. it's 5:39.
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and people premiums going up for americans using obama care. >> jill wagner is live with good morning. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. the third enrollment period for obama care is under way. premiums are going up. analysts say that's because of market consolidation and rising drug prices. chipotle has temporarily closed all 43 restaurants in washington state and oregon because of an e. coli scare. investigators are still trying to figure out the source of the contamination. 22 people have become sick from e. coli and many of them had eaten in chipotle in the past few weeks. and robo calls could soon be coming to your cell phone. a provision in the budget would permit auto dial calls and texts on cell phones, only for debt guaranteed by the federal
5:37 am
government, including student loans, mortgages and taxes. that's just what we want, >> no. no. i don't like that at all. >> totally caught me. i was like, making a face. >> i don't like when the cell phone carrier is texting me something. >> i was excited. i thought it was kathryn [ laughter ] >> you thought it was kathryn and emojis, right? >> exactly. maybe the government will send money signs, emojis. a little fun, if you're going to robo call us! coming up next, a check of traffic and weather together. >> and the royals celebrating the world series title. highlights from the showdown with the mets and reaction from fans. excessive end zone celebrations in high school can
5:38 am
ejections, but one player says he was pointing to god and didn't know it would get him tossnd banned from the playoffs.
5:39 am
fireworks to celebrate a new bridge in worcester. the ken burns memorial bridge officially opened yesterday. >> and it took crews three years and 108 $108 million to
5:40 am
it connects worcester to she shoes bury on route 9. >> mild, good temperatures today. and i'm also thinking a lot of people obviously turning your clocks back. does it throw you off? did it throw you off? >> it didn't throw me off. i don't know. >> i don't know. >> the extra hour of sleep felt nice. >> who did this? . >> i know. i don't know. who brought in this huge box of candy. >> i know, we've been eating it all morning. >> and placed it right next to danielle. >> i don't know about this, you guys. we will have it put it over there. >> twix, whoppers, skittles. >> my dad would say let me check it for poison and taste all of my candy! >> my dad did that, too. >> that cookie is pretty old. i know where it came from. we should throw that one out. good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend and a happy halloween, as well. it's going to be a warm first
5:41 am
not much rain ahead, either. we have one chance going into thursday night early on friday. more falling leaves, as well. we're past publishing peak in terms of the colors. sunshine, a light wind. 55 in boston now. upper 40s from lawrence to worcester. 50 in taunton and falmouth, as well. a fairly mild start and not a whole lot going on, either. sunshine through high, thin, wispy clouds today. rain through virginia through north carolina and back down to the gulf coast states now. you don't have to worry about the moisture. it's going to stay to the south as the front moves offshore. rain and snow showers tomorrow morning in northern maine, back in portions of prescott, through caribou. that's a warm front. we're on the warmer side for the next several days.
5:42 am
60s. a light wind as we head into the day tomorrow. wednesday, wind turns onshore. high temperatures today, lower 60s for most of us. about 60 in boston. 63 in bedford. 62 in lawrence and nashua today. you will see sunshine at times, especially the farther north you head, but the wispy clouds, we dim it near had southern new england. lower to middle 60s from plymouth to taunton. a light southwest wind on the cape and the islands. it will be variable at the coastline today. tonight, mainly clear, 46 downtown. a calm wind. upper 30s in the coldest suburbs. it will be colder this morning, but could be worse this time of the year. 68 degrees tomorrow with a southwest wind about 5 to 10.
5:43 am
thursday, the clouds increase, mid-60s, chance of a shower thursday night into early friday. that's another warm front. we come up to around 70 on friday. saturday, cooling off just a little bit and sunday, cold front comes in early and that's when you notice a difference. temperatures around 50 degrees falling into the 40s late in the day, but looking dry right now for the sunday afternoon game. never too early to start thinking about that. really getting busy out there, danielle. plenty of backups north and south. city. checking the south, there's a live look over the expressway in dorchester. crawling between the split and columbia road. look alt the taillights there. up north now, we look at that map, 93 southbound, that boggs down between 110 and 133. back to you. >> thank you, robi. 5:48 now.
5:44 am
vandals target a mosque in burlington. >> and a star high school football player stabbed. here are your top stories this monday morning. >> good morning, i'm susie steimle live outside everett high school. their high school football star was stabbed saturday night. he was on his way home after scoring the game-winning touchdown, walking away from a halloween party with friends when he was stabbed in the hands and in the back. we will have more on the events that led up to the stabs and how marvin fedna is doing. we're live in everett, susie steimle, "wbz this morning". new details on a fire at a housing complex for the elderly and disabled in south boston. firefighters say the improper disposal of smoking materials caused the fire. crews transported two residents of the building to the hospital. a firefighter was treated for cuts to the hands. the fire was contained to the fourth-floor apartment. good morning, i'm nicole jacobs live in burlington.
5:45 am
men responsible for vandalizing this mosque. at this hour, members are already arriving for the predawn prayer. i can tell you this happened early sunday morning. three men arrived here in a white crown victoria. police say they spray painted usa out of the mosque and egged it. the same mosque was vandalized in 2013 with the same markings, "usa." no one was hurt in either incident and police haven't said if the two are connected. coming up at 6:00, hear from the leader, the founder of this mosque, and a man who was inside at the time of the vandalism. we're live in burlington, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning". and nationwide, a day of mourning in russia for the victims a plane crash in egypt. today, a rush government plane brought home 144 bodies, the second plain will arrive with more remains later on. investigators say the plane broke up alt a high altitude before crashing saturday
5:46 am
experts say it's usually due to three things, catastrophic weather,a midair collision or an external threat like a bon or missile. an official for the maker of the plane metro jet says the company rejects the possibility of technical fault. and winston salem university holds a vigil last night after a deadly shooting. a shovel more was killed and another student wounded after the shooting. the north carolina college says classes will be held today and the school will resume normal operations. kansas city royals pulled out the world series win in extra wings of game 5 against the mets. eric hoffner scrambled home to tie it. in the 12th, the royals blew it up, scoring five runs. great hitting, great base running and some errors from the mets. starting royals pitcher edison gave up two hits in six innings. the mets defense, they've
5:47 am
got five months and two days to improve and the royals get a parade through kansas city tomorrow. >> thank you very much, bree. 5:11 now. time for today's daily talker. >> a high school football player scores a touchdown forehis team and celebrates. >> it got him kicked out of the game. here's robi with more on this talker. >> chris, the penalty was for excessive celebration. if you call attention to yourself after scoring,you get flagged and booted from the game, but the high school player says he wasn't praising himself, only praising god. here's running back pedro banda scarring a touchdown for his team in arizona. the call was made, expressive celebration, he was tossed for the remainder of the game and now suspended for the team's first playoff game in 25 years. banda insisted he points to the sky after every score, but out
5:48 am
first time he's been penalized. after the game, he post aid this message on twitter, along with a video. i didn't think this would end in an ejection for praising my lord and savor. one small irony here, he plays for the demons, and the shirt says demons pride. the banda family attend to appeal the class suspension, saying they were not aware of the rules in the first place. so, you know, it brings up a whole controversy about what is excessive celebration, you can comment on your daily talker at our web site, go to the twitter page or facebook and we will read comments coming up at 6:00. >> all right. thank you, robi. 5:53 is the time. still to come, is there too much halloween cabby in your house? >> you can turn the sweets into cold, hard cash and also help
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee.
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if you have little ones at home, you probably have a lot of halloween candy lying around. >> a local dentist says she'll take it off your hands. lexington smiles studio is paying a dollar per pound of halloween candy. in exchange, dr. rosen burg will give you a toothbrush. she donates all the sweets to our troops overseas, and includes dental necessities in
5:52 am
their care packages, too. >> that's my dentist. i had no idea they did that. >> instead of eating it -- i can't stop eating it. the whoppers got me this morning. keep it here. your top stories are straight he did.
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